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How to store groceries in your shopping trolley ?

You have recently obtained a shopping trolley to make your life easier and you want to improve your organisation. We will give you the method to improve the storage of products in your shopping cart. With this simple method, you don’t need a highly developed sense of organisation to improve your daily life.

At the bottom of the shopping trolley

To make it easier to organise your shopping, you should place heavier. More solid products at the bottom of your trolley bag. The idea is that the products at the bottom of the shopping trolley should act as a support for the rest of your items. So this may be a flat product that carries the load well.

Therefore, we advise you to start your shopping with heavy, rather sturdy items that are stable enough to be placed at the bottom of your shopping cart. With this information, you should plan your shopping, preferably starting with :

  • Drink packs, whether it’s water, soft drinks, fruit juice or milk that will make a great support.
  • Things that take up a lot of space in your shopping trolley and are not fragile. Such as washing-up liquid, whether in barrels or capsules.
  • Some fruits and vegetables can also be used as a support for your trolley bag. Provided that they are solid, such as potatoes or apples.

In the middle of the shopping trolley

For this part of your trolley we advise you to put the products with packaging, so they can resist to shocks and to a little load. However, make sure you put the heavier products in the middle of the shopping cart before the lighter ones.

To ensure this method you must take care to put these types of items in the middle of the trolley bags after those intended for the bottom of the shopping trolley. Therefore, following our method, we advise you to put in the middle of the shopping cart items like :

  • Vegetable preserves and jars, which are rather solid and heavy products, so they need to be upright to be stable.
  • Pasta and rice, which are solid products with well-designed packaging.
  • Refrigerated products that are not fragile, unless you have a dedicated isothermal compartment in your shopping cart.

On the top of the shopping trolley

For the remaining space on top of the shopping trolley. We can place the most fragile items, so for this position you can place items like :

  • The different bags of bread, which we don’t like to find crushed.
  • Egg cartons, even if there are some solid packages.
  • Fragile fruits or vegetables, such as grapes or cherries, which may be at the top.

Finally, you can see that our method is quite simple. You just have to place your products in the right order so that each one is best kept in your shopping cart.

Shopping trolley with a coolbag

Some shopping trolleys may have insulated compartments, they allow the storage and protection of fresh or frozen products. So even if the compartment is separate from the rest of the main trolley bag, there are precautions to be taken :

  • Large bags of frozen food go to the bottom of the compartment.
  • As in the main trolley bag, try to order the products like pizzas to put them one on top of the other.
  • Ice creams are positioned on top because they are more fragile.

As you can see, the method of storage remains the same. Even if some shopping carts have several compartments that allow a pre-sorting. The method of storage of your shopping bags remains the same. So with practice you will practice this method without thinking about it. And you will see that this storage is beneficial for the conservation of your products.