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Shopping trolley for elderly

More and more often, a walk to the store for the elderly turns into an Olympic challenge. The reason is that due to their age, it is difficult for them to carry heavy bags of groceries. The shopping trolley is called to solve this problem.

The shopping trolley for elderly is designed to make shopping easier. With it, there is no need to carry heavy bags by hand anymore. A shopping trolley is especially useful for the elderly who have problems with movement and sturdiness due to arthritis, a painful back, or some other illness.

A good shopping trolley should be solid and lightweight. It should be large enough to hold a decent amount of groceries as well as other items, such as medication.

When choosing a shopping bag on wheels for elderly, it is important to pay attention to such features as quality of fabrication, security, stability and size of the handle.

In this article you will find information about the different types of shopping trolley for seniors, as well as useful recommendations on how to choose one that is perfect exactly for you.

4-wheel shopping trolley

The 4-wheel shopping trolley is one of the best selling shopping trolley for elderly. This shopping bag on 4 wheels is easy to move. With four retractable wheels, shopping trolley not only gives you the ability to pull it behind you, but also to push it in front of you. Being able to push it in front of you on 4 wheels means that this 4-wheeled shopping bag provides more stability for the person pushing it, making it easier to handle heavy items.

This is a perfect decision for people who find it difficult to carry their provisions with them. This type of 4-wheel shopping trolley for elderly is easy to keep in a shed or in a garage.

The perfect 4-wheel shopping trolley are those that have plenty of storage space, are maneuverable, and also look trendy.

Shopping trolley for elderly with seat

A shopping trolley for elderly with integrated seat is the ideal combination of both comfort and convenience. Especially for the elderly. You were shopping, you’ re a little tired, but there aren’t any benches nearby? You can just take your shopping bag on wheels out and rest. Also this shopping trolley for elderly with seat is perfect for those who use public transportation. If there are no seats available at the bus stop or train station, no big deal! You have a seat of your own!

Such a shopping bag on wheels with seat is also great for those who like to chat with buddies on their way home from the store. You don’t have to rush home to avoid holding heavy grocery bags in your hands. What’s more, you don’t have to stand! Fold out the built-in seat of your shopping bag on wheels for elderly and enjoy a conversation in total comfort.

When choosing a shopping trolley with a built-in seat, it is important to consider the size of the bag. If you regularly go shopping in small quantities, a small shopping bag on wheels for elderly with seat will be enough for you. If you have a large family or if you just like to cook, you should look at larger shopping trolley for elderly with seat. The second criteria is the texture of the bag. The material should be able to support the weight of your things if you are used to loading the cart. In this case, you will need a lining or insulated layer if you want to protect this type of merchandise.

Shopping trolley with brakes

For elderly people who likes to travel, especially in the mountains or by the sea, we recommend paying attention to the shopping trolley with brakes. The braking system is perfect for the relief terrain in this area. Why? Because the brake button prevents the shopping trolley for elderly with brakes from sliding when it not in use, no hassle, more benefit.

Push shopping trolley

The push shopping trolley for elderly is an ideal choice for the elderly people! This type of shopping trolley is pushed in front of the body so you can stand upright and avoid ‘twisting’ as you walk. It is great for the elderly because it allows them to keep a correct posture. As a consequence, spinal pain is avoided.

Foldable shopping trolley for seniors

If you like to take your shopping trolley on the road, then mobility is the main criterion for you. What types of shopping bag on wheels meet your needs? A folding shopping trolley !

This shopping trolley for seniors folds up very easily, which is very comfortable for portability and transportation. When you don’t need it, you can fold it up and it won’t take up much space.