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3 wheel shopping trolley

The 3 wheel shopping trolley is a very practical piece of equipment to facilitate the transport of shopping. With this article, shopping will no longer be a source of discomfort. In this article, we will see the characteristics of the 3 wheel trolley.

3 wheel shopping trolley
3 wheel shoppingbag on wheels 
3 wheel shopping cart
3 wheel trolley bag

General overview

The 3 wheel shopping trolley is designed to facilitate the transport of shopping. This type of model has robustness and practicality characteristics, and generally has a large volume capacity. The bags are classic: a wide range of colours, for all preferences. The frames are mostly metallic, ergonomic and solid. The bag can be easily removed for isolated use. The same applies to the frame, which can be used as a trolley for transporting bulky items such as boxes. In any case, the maximum load that can be carried by this type trolley bag is at least 50 kg.

What are the 3 wheel shopping trolley characteristics ?

The 3 wheel shopping trolley has larger dimensions than other trolleys, especially in height. It is a high-capacity trolley, with a capacity of more than 50 litres. The stainless steel frame can carry loads of at least 50 kg, while remaining light for most models. The 3 wheels are quite strong, as they can overcome a large number of obstacles. They are configured in pairs of three to allow easy climbing of stairs, pavements and uneven surfaces.

The shopping trolley bag is usually made of a strong, tear-resistant material due to the large capacity. They are also waterproof, which is very practical in case of rain or splashes. Numerous pockets and sections make it easy to organise your shopping. Attached to the frame with straps, the bag can be easily removed to allow the frame to be used to carry other items, which is useful for carrying bulky items that would not fit in the bag.

What are the advantages of the 3 wheel shopping bag on wheels ?

The 3 wheel shopping bag on wheels is ideal for transporting a fairly large volume of goods. The wheels are a great advantage when you live on a floor or at the top of a staircase, but they are also handy for crossing pavements. The wheels are mobile and the frame can be folded up for easy storage. In addition, the frame is robust and easy to handle, thanks to its 3 wheel shopping trolley construction.

The bag of this type shopping bag on wheels also ensures optimum protection of its contents, thanks to its resistant and waterproof material. In general, this range of trolleys will ensure that the opening is secure and that small items are not lost. Pockets on the front, sides and back of the bag make it easy to organise storage. Pockets on the front, sides and back of the bag make it easy to organise the storage of items such as wallets, money, phones and other accessories. The attachment to the frame is made simple by the designers. The bags are washable and easy to maintain and dry quickly, thanks to the properties of the material.

The 3 wheel shopping cart disadvantages

3 wheel shopping carts also have disadvantages. Although this type of trolley bag is practical for negotiating stairs and pavements, as well as moving around the flat surfaces of city centres, it is not the most suitable for off-road and dirt roads. For these types of roads, shopping trolleys with large wheels are the most suitable. The 3-wheel shopping trolleys also have another disadvantage, they are overall more expensive than the simple wheel models, the mechanism is more complex.

The price of 3 wheel trolley bag

On average, the price of a standard trolley bag is between 50€ and 80€. Also 3-wheeled shopping trolleys exist in this price range, most of them will be foldable and of satisfactory quality. However, to get a high quality 3-wheeled shopping trolley, you will need to budget at least €100. For this type of trolley, durability is greater, the load of the trolley is also greater, and isothermal pockets are common.

My opinion on the 3 wheel shopping trolley

The 3-wheel shopping trolley is ideal when a fairly large volume of products needs to be transported on a regular basis. It offers a large capacity and volume for easy storage of items. The castors are very handy for moving around obstacles, but this type of trolley is not pushable, it is only pullable. Also it is quite noisy on tiled floors and other hard surfaces. However, the 3 wheel shopping cart is still an excellent choice for users who prefer simplicity and efficiency.