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Wilko Shopping trolley review

Our site has a large selection of shopping trolleys. However, you can find many similar models, designs with many common features. Here is a presentation of one of the atypical models of our guide and this is an interesting shopping cart. We will explain what use can be made of this item, and for whom is it suitable.

Indeed, many criteria and differences have to be taken into account, for example: the type of wheels, the weight of the shopping trolley, the manoeuvrability… Each trolley bag on the market has its own characteristics with a multitude of combinations and budgets.

To find out what is special about the different shopping cart, our experts will do a review for each model on the market. Today’s article will focus on the Wilko shopping trolley.

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The Wilko Shopping Trolley

General overview

The Wilko shopping trolley is an affordable range trolley. This cart is one of the simplest but it has some interesting features. As such, it deserves our attention.

This trolley bag, has multiple types of equipment that make its offer special. The light weight of this shopping cart and its several insulated pockets demonstrate its versatility and ease of use. However, it is not suitable for heavy objects.

Shopping trolley characteristics

The Wilko trolley bag it is an atypical shopping trolley compared to the rest of the market. This shopping cart is despite its low price composed of many accessories.

✅ Its use

The Wilko shopping cart is a shopping trolley for shopping with many advantages. It is very easy to handle and transport, also its asset is also its multitude of isothermal pockets.

✅ The field

The light construction of the shopping cart makes it suitable for use on all types of terrain.

✅ The number of wheels

This trolley has only 2 wheels. The 2-wheel shopping trolleys are not the most practical for all uses, but in our case, the light weight makes handling comfortable.

✅ The size of the wheels

The wheels range in size from small to medium. This wheel size does not benefit the stability of the shopping trolley. Also, this trolley bag should not be considered as a walking support.

✅ The weight of the shopping trolley

The weight of the trolley bag when empty is only 2.3kg, which is an excellent weight for this shopping cart. This weight is comfortable for handling, because it weighs about 2kg less than the average trolleys.

✅ The canvas of the trolley bag

The composition of the bag’s material is made of polyester. It is a standard canvas for a shopping trolley. Which is essential to protect your groceries from the rain.

✅ The shopping trolley handle

The simple handle makes it easy to grip the shopping trolley, the reinforcement ensures a standard grip. However, there is a double handle which allows you to adapt to your use.

✅ The shopping trolley load capacity

The trolley bag is designed to carry up to 20kg which is quite low, and a volume of 32 litres.

✅ The shopping trolley clutter

The trolley cart being rather small the storage is easy. Because it is also foldable.

✅ Equipment and accessories

This shopping cart is equipped with insulated multi-pockets. Moreover, it can be worn directly on your back.

✅ The trolley bag design

The appearance of this shopping bag is quite elegant, there are 2 colours: orange-red and grey.

✅ The shopping trolley maintenance

The canvas is easy to maintain, and thus it must be cleaned with soap to be maintained over the long term.

Strengths and weaknesses


  • ✔️ 10-year guarantee
  • ✔️ Affordable price
  • ✔️ Lightweight
  • ✔️ Design that includes insulated pockets


  • ❌ Low capacity volume
  • ❌ Wheels not suitable for stairs

My opinion

The lightweight structure of this shopping trolley makes it easy to use. it is a particularly functional equipment to do some small purchases quickly. The manoeuvrability of this trolley bag makes it one of the best for people with back problems. Also, its minimalism makes it easy to store, especially for people with limited space. Nevertheless, its main defect is its small volume capacity.