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Amazon Shopping trolley review

Today, the market for shopping trolleys offers many different models. Among these, selecting the right shopping cart for one’s needs is a complicated task. Especially for someone who is not familiar with this type of item.

Indeed, many criteria and differences have to be taken into account, for example: the type of wheels, the weight of the shopping trolley, the manoeuvrability… Each trolley bag on the market has its own characteristics with a multitude of combinations and budgets.

To find out what is special about the different shopping cart, our experts will do a review for each model on the market. Today’s article will focus on the Amazon shopping trolley.

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The Amazon Shopping Trolley

General overview

The Amazon shopping trolley is a 2-in-1 trolley, in fact it can be used both with a shopping bag and without a shopping bag.

Without the shopping bag, the Amazon shopping trolley platform can be used to carry heavy objects. its design has been thought for the handling of heavy objects thanks to its 6 wheels and its higher than average storage platform. Very large items can be attached with a strap supplied with the shopping cart, for ease of use.

With the shopping bag, the Amazon trolley bag can carry up to 75 liters of products thanks to its large pocket. This large loading volume makes it one of the shopping trolleys with the largest storage volume.

Shopping trolley characteristics

Here we present you with detailed technical and application information on each feature. So that, you can get an idea of all the special features of this shopping trolley.

✅ Its use

The Amazon shopping cart is a shopping trolley for shopping with a large shopping bag for a large storage volume. However, it can also be used as a transport trolley, perfect for moving house.

✅ The field

This shopping cart can be used on all types of terrain thanks to its height and its 6-wheels. This shopping trolley can go on a bad road, on grass or over stairs.

✅ The number of wheels

This trolley has 6 wheels, 3 on each side. The 6-wheel shopping trolleys are the most practical for all uses. The presence of tyres is an advantage for manoeuvrability and noise.

✅ The size of the wheels

The total height of the 3 triangle wheels is 31 centimeters. It is important to note the large size of the wheels as this is what makes it possible to transport heavy items.

✅ The weight of the shopping trolley

The weight of the trolley bag when empty is 4kg, which is a standard weight for this shopping cart. This weight is still comfortable enough for handling, above this weight the use can be more difficult.

✅ The canvas of the trolley bag

The composition of the bag’s material is made of cotton and polyester. The canvas has waterproof properties and the back of the fabric is anti-slip.

✅ The shopping trolley handle

The simple rounded handle makes it easy to grip the shopping trolley. The foam reinforcement ensures a comfortable grip.

✅ The shopping trolley load capacity

The trolley bag is designed to carry up to 50kg, a volume of 75 litres. The shopping cart platform can carry more weight and has no volume limit.

✅ The shopping trolley clutter

One of the qualities of the trolley bag is that it is foldable, which is a great advantage for storage. When the shopping trolley is flat, it takes up very little space.

✅ Equipment and accessories

Sold as an accessory with the trolley, you with the bag and the elastic cord.

✅ The trolley bag design

The appearance of this bag is quite simple, even if its colours keep a touch of originality. So this type of design will suit most people.

✅ The shopping trolley maintenance

The bag can be washed simply with water because the fabric is waterproof, making it easy to care maintain.

Strengths and weaknesses


  • ✔️ 2-in-1 functionality
  • ✔️ Large load capacity
  • ✔️ Silent 6-wheels
  • ✔️ All-terrain aspect


  • ❌ Rudimentary handle
  • ❌ A little bit heavy

My opinion

From an expert point of view, I consider this shopping trolley to be with a good quality-price ratio. Its use is functional for both shopping and general transportation. It is also comfortable to use for people with back problems or for the elderly. The rubber wheels are suitable for all types of roads and are noiseless. Also the 6-wheelers are very practical for crossing curbs and stairs.