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How to choose a shopping trolley ?

A trolley bag, what for ?

A shopping trolley, or market stroller, is an aid to shopping and relieves the user of the weight to carry. It has the advantage of not polluting the planet by avoiding the use of plastic bags.

A shopping cart is very easy to steer. It is a real walking support with a great stability.

A shopping trolley allows you to :

  • Do your shopping in a light way without clutter, avoiding heavy loads to carry, with ease and without making efforts,
  • Secure movement to avoid the risk of falling,
  • Maintain your autonomy to keep your independence in your movements,
  • Encourage physical activity by being a true walking partner.

Some shopping trolleys can even be towed to a bicycle or attached to the supermarket cart to bring more lightness and ease of movement.

For whom is it essential ?

With these multiple advantages, a shopping cart is suitable for everyone but is particularly suitable for the elderly. A shopping bag is a real support when you go to the market or to the supermarket. It accompanies its user and allows him to make his purchases in all serenity.

What are the criteria for buying a shopping trolley ?

In order to choose the right trolley bag, it is necessary to define your needs by taking into account certain selection criteria.

The purchase criteria that you should pay attention to are :

  • The choice between a pulling and/or pushing shopping bag, which will depend on your physical abilities.
  • The number of wheels, which will strongly depend on whether you want your shopping cart to be push or pull as some models, for example, are only pullable.
  • The bag: the capacity, the colors, the options and the covering will be chosen according to your tastes and your needs.
  • The frame: if you want it foldable so that it takes less space, adjustable in height, compatible with a bike to use it as a trailer, etc.
  • The handle: there are many different ones. For more information, consult the buying guide: “How to choose the handle of my shopping trolley ?”.

How many wheels to choose for my shopping cart ?

Your choice of the number of wheels will depend on your autonomy and your physical capacities. If you suffer from back pain, the number of wheels will not be the same as if you are in good shape.

Shopping cartCart to…People affected
2 wheelsTo pullYou are self-reliant and have no back or shoulder problems.
2+2 wheels or 4 wheelsTo pull or pushYou are self-reliant but you feel pain in your arms and back.
You have osteoarthritis or you don’t mind the effort on your shoulders.
4+2 wheelsTo pushYou lack balance and cannot carry loads.
You have difficulty moving around.
You can’t make too much effort, especially with your arms and shoulders.
6 wheelsTo pull or pushYou lack balance and have to overcome many obstacles (stairs, sidewalks, steps…)
  • The 2-wheels shopping cart is the most common and simple model. It fits everywhere and is designed to be pulled behind you. Some can be used as a bicycle trailer or attached to the caddie in the supermarket. It is less suitable for elderly people with back or shoulder problems.
  • The 4-wheels or 2+2 wheels shopping cart can be pushed. As a result, they reduce effort because it is more tiring to pull a shopping cart than to push it. Very easy to maneuver, the market stroller is easy to steer without straining your arms and back and reduces the feeling of weight. With the shopping cart positioned in front of you, you won’t hit your heels if you have to stop.
  • The 4+2 wheels shopping cart is exclusively for pushing. In addition to significantly reducing the feeling of weight, it provides peace of mind to its user because it is used as a discreet walking support.
  • The 6-wheels shopping cart, or stair-lift shopping cart, has a strong advantage. You will be able to cross steps or climb a curb without effort and without having to lift your shopping cart. It is particularly suitable for people who do not have an elevator.

Which frame to choose for my shopping cart ?

The frame of a shopping cart can have several different options and features to improve the comfort of your shopping cart. You can choose to push or pull it, with 2, 4 or 6 wheels, compatible with your bike, with or without seat…

  • To pull or to pull and push : if you are an self-reliant person with few back problems, you can opt for a frame to be pulled only. Otherwise, it will be the pull and push frame that you will have to prefer.
  • Compatible in bike coupling : if you like to ride your bike and want to be able to run errands by bike, this frame is perfect and will allow you to tow your shopping cart on the back of your bike. To do this, you will need to remember to use the compatible coupling pin, specified in the product sheet for the shopping cart or chassis. For more information on the bicycle coupling, consult the buying guide: ” How do I couple my shopping cart with my bike?”
  • With seat : it is suitable for people who are often tired while walking and who like to be able to rest from time to time during an outing, even if no bench is in sight.
  • Foldable or fixed : Foldable, it offers a very appreciable space saving when you do not use it.

Which bag to choose for my shopping cart ?

Several criteria should be taken into account when choosing the bag for your future shopping cart :

  • The capacity of the bag : It is important because it will determine the load that you will be able to carry at once during your travels. It is to be chosen according to your shopping habits.
  • With isothermal or classic pocket : If you want to keep your groceries cool in your shopping cart, the insulated shopping cart bag or bag with insulated pocket are perfect solutions.
  • The design : You can choose between bags with or without pockets, with patterns and in different colors. It all depends on your preferences !