TOP 10: Comparison Best Shopping Trolley

The advantages of buying a shopping troley ?

The shopping trolley! You often hear about it, but you don’t know if it’s really useful! And for good reason, you don’t want to look stupid with it? You should know that having a shopping trolley has many advantages

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TOP 10: Comparison Best Shopping Trolley

gimi shopping trolley
gimi shopping cart
gimi trolley bag

Gimi Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⭐⭐⬜️ Large – 56 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⭐⭐⬜️ Good – 6 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ❌ No
  • Foldability : ❌ No
  • Estimated cost range : 💰💰⬜️⬜️ Average – 35£ to 70£

reisenthel shopping trolley
reisenthel shopping cart
reisenthel trolley bag

Reisenthel Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⭐⭐⬜️ Large – 54 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⬜️⬜️⬜️ Weak – 2 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ✅ Yes
  • Foldability : ✅ Yes
  • Estimated cost range : 💰💰💰💰 Very High – More than 105£

wilko shopping trolley
wilko shopping cart
wilko trolley bag

Wilko Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⬜️⬜️⬜️ Small – 32 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⬜️⬜️⬜️ Weak – 2 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ✅ Yes
  • Foldability : ❌ No
  • Estimated cost range : 💰⬜️⬜️⬜️ Low – Less than 35£

carlett shopping trolley
carlett shopping cart
carlett trolley bag

Carlett Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⭐⬜️⬜️ Medium – 40 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⭐⬜️⬜️ Medium – 4 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ✅ Yes
  • Foldability : ✅ Yes
  • Estimated cost range : 💰💰💰⬜️ High – 70£ to 105£

amazon shopping trolley
amazon shopping cart
amazon trolley bag

Amazon Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very Large – 75 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⭐⭐⬜️ Good – 6 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ❌ No
  • Foldability : ❌ No
  • Estimated cost range : 💰💰⬜️⬜️ Average – 35£ to 70£

argos shopping trolley
argos shopping cart
argos trolley bag
4 wheels argos shopping trolley

Argos Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⬜️⬜️⬜️ Small – 35 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very Good – 8 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ❌ No
  • Foldability : ✅ Yes
  • Estimated cost range : 💰💰⬜️⬜️ Average – 35£ to 70£

rolser shopping trolley
rolser shopping cart
rolser trolley bag

Rolser Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⭐⭐⬜️ Large – 60 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⬜️⬜️⬜️ Weak – 2 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ✅ Yes
  • Foldability : ✅ Yes
  • Estimated cost range : 💰💰⬜️⬜️ Average – 35£ to 70£

hoppa shopping trolley 
hoppa shopping cart
hoppa trolley bag

Hoppa Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⭐⭐⬜️ Large – 55 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⭐⬜️⬜️ Medium – 4 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ❌ No
  • Foldability : ✅ Yes
  • Estimated cost range : 💰💰💰💰 Very High – More than 105£

andersen shopping trolley 
andersen shopping cart
andersen trolley bag

Andersen Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⭐⭐⬜️ Large – 56 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⭐⭐⬜️ Good – 6 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ✅ Yes
  • Foldability : ✅ Yes
  • Estimated cost range : 💰💰💰💰 Very High – More than 105£

sabichi shopping trolley 
sabichi shopping cart
sabichi trolley bag

Sabichi Shopping Trolley

  • Storage volume : ⭐⬜️⬜️⬜️ Small – 34 Liters
  • Wheel types : ⭐⬜️⬜️⬜️ Weak – 2 Wheels
  • Thermal insulation : ✅ Yes
  • Foldability : ❌ No
  • Estimated cost range : 💰⬜️⬜️⬜️ Low – Less than 35£

Why a shopping trolley?

At the origin

For decades, shopping trolleys have been used as a means of transporting products. More precisely, it was in the 1930s that the first shopping cart was created. The basic principle of the shopping trolley was a simple structure and two soft bags. A supermarket manager was behind it, his idea was that customers could carry and buy more products in his shop. Also until today, supermarket trolleys have been extensively upgraded and standardized.

Shopping trolleys, not supermarkets trolleys

The purpose of our guide is to deal with personal shopping trolleys, not supermarket trolleys. These are the trolleys used by most old people to go to the grocery shop or to the municipal market to transport goods, mainly food.

Over the last ten to fifteen years, new models have appeared with some improvements. The improvements mainly concern the number of wheels and the thermal insulation. Upgrades are also being made to other technological implementations such as electric trolleys.

Eco-friendly shopping carts

Shopping trolleys, even though they were widely used by older generations, were seen as old-fashioned until very recently. The return of its use in our societies is due to numerous reasons. Legislation on plastic bags and new attitudes towards ecology have led people to look for greener solutions, so the return of the shopping trolley was an obvious choice.

Indeed, one could ask the question, what is more convenient way to bring back products? How do you do without shopping trolleys when there is no parking in the city center? In short, shopping carts are making a comeback and manufacturers are looking for new tools to incorporate them into our contemporary lifestyles !

How to choose your shopping trolley ?

New ranges of shopping trolleys have been marketed in recent years, however the multitude of options makes it difficult to choose without prior knowledge. So there are multiple features to consider, and when choosing your next shopping trolley you will need to take into account most parameters, not just price and appearance.

gif stair trolley

To select your shopping trolley, you first need to think about how you will use it and under what conditions you will use it. To illustrate with an example, a person living in a flat, we have to ask ourselves: Is there a lift? How many floors to climb? How much storage space? Are there many steps? These are all parameters that must be taken into account when choosing the most suitable shopping trolley.

Below you will find a summary list of parameters to consider. A complete buying guide is already posted on the blogging part of the site. The guide effectively presents the criteria for choosing a shopping trolley.

  • The size of the wheels: this criterion is a good indication of the stability of the trolley cart, as well as its suitability for gravel or gravel roads
  • The number of wheels: there are many options available today, from multiple wheels for climbing stairs, to safety wheels so that the shopping trolley does not tip over. Also we can see that several small wheels can be more practical than a large one.
  • The weight of the shopping trolley: this criterion will also have a strong influence on handling, for example, a shopping trolley that is too heavy will be difficult to move and this could be disabling for the most fragile people.
  • The canvas of the trolley: the durability of the fabric is important, both to avoid piercing the shopping bag and to protect the products from external elements too (waterproofing, thermal insulation, etc.)
  • The volume of the shopping trolley: this factor depends mainly on your habits, whether you shop frequently or not, so the trolley should not be too small or unnecessarily oversized.
  • The handle of the shopping trolley: A comfortable grip can be an important criterion if you use your shopping cart for several hours in a row, or very frequently.
  • Optional equipment and accessories should be considered, e.g. additional pockets or bag closure…

What are the important points to check?

Taking into account the above criteria, we will methodically guide you and study each of the elements to prepare the purchase of the best shopping trolley for you. Studying your needs and constraints with us, improves your choice of the best shopping trolley and saves considerable time.

A shopping bag, for what type of purpose?

The following criteria will significantly influence your choice of shopping cart according to your profile. First of all, it is certain that you will be able to use your shopping trolley to do your purchases in town or at the market.

However, other uses are possible, the shopping cart can be used to transport equipment, it can also be used to go to a picnic in the park or at the beach. Considering these other uses, it will be necessary to analyse the elements with which your trolleys will be equipped. And a well analysed use will make your life easier when using it.

The ground

You know, residents of urban centres or those close to grocery shops will not have the same shopping constraints as residents of suburban areas. In our example, urban dwellers will have to look for a shopping trolley that can negotiate steps and pavements, while those living in remote residential areas will have to look for a collapsible shopping trolley for easier transportation in their car.

Wheel size

If there is one important factor in your choice of shopping trolley, it is the size of the wheels and rollers on the trolley. It should be noted that the small wheels will make the ride less pleasant if the terrain is not perfectly flat, and it will also be less stable.

On the other hand, large wheels will bring comfort on bumpy or paved roads, vibrations will be less intense with large wheels. Large wheels also make it easier to cross stairs and sidewalks, while small wheels require more effort. The 6-wheeled shopping trolleys are also a good alternative for overcoming steps.

The number of wheels on the trolley

There are many variations on this point: 2 wheels shopping trolley, 4 wheels shopping trolley, 6 wheels shopping trolley and 8 wheels shopping trolley. Indeed, the number of wheels is also an important factor because it will greatly affect the handling of the shopping cart.

The 2 wheels carts will be the most basic, the least manageable, except those with large wheels (seen before). The 6-wheel shopping trolleys (3 wheels on each side) allow you to go over curbs and steps. Also, the 6-wheel trolleys are more stable because 4 wheels are in contact with the ground, the weight is divided more evenly.

On the other hand, the 4 wheels shopping trolley and 8 wheels shopping trolley have a higher stability. The presence of wheels on the front makes them as sturdy as strollers. These carts can be considered as walking aids, and can be an interesting variant for people with reduced mobility. However, even though 4 wheels trolley carts and 8 wheels trolley carts are recommended by medical specialists, they are not very practical for negotiating steps and sidewalks.

The weight of the shopping cart

Regarding handling, the weight characteristic can also be an influential factor, especially if you will be lifting your shopping trolley. Especially if you have to take the bus (the step into the bus is not adapted to the trolley) or put them in your car trunk. So when you go to the store and back, observe the number of times you have to carry your shopping cart to optimize your purchase. Knowing that the weight of a trolley cart ranges from 2 to 5 kilograms.

However, you have to be aware that the more equipments a shopping trolley will have (like the large number of wheels, the extra seat, etc…) the heavier it will be. The materials of the cart will also determine the weight, in general, three materials are used. steel is heavy and rigid, plastic is light and cheap, aluminium is strong and light but expensive. Moreover, a trolley bag with a thick canvas will be more resistant and waterproof but heavier.

The trolley bag canvas

The quality of the cart bag and the characteristics of the material are to be taken into consideration, because it is influential in the use. In general, materials that are too light can be considered as low quality because they are not strong and not waterproof. Also a canvas that gets damaged will mean faster obsolescence, and if you are loading your shopping cart heavily, take a thick canvas for more sustainability.

The isothermal characteristics of the shopping trolley bag is an important element to take into account. This element allows you to bring back frozen products without any problem or to walk around the market during a summer afternoon without altering the products. Especially for vegetables, butter, meat, all these foods will be in the fridge until the return home.

Loading capacity of the shopping trolley

This loading capacity of your shopping cart will be essential in your future moves. The shape of the shopping trolley, rectangular or round, will have a great influence on the storage volume. The square corners and a rectangular shape will have a greater volume and storage capacity. The additional pockets will be elements to increase the storage capacity of the trolley bags. Moreover, it allows some products like eggs to be crushed by heavier products.

Shopping cart handle

The manoeuvrability of a trolley cart is influenced by the number and size of the wheels, but also by the handle. The material of the handle is the main point to see for comfort. A cheap plastic coating would provide discomfort to the user, so a little foam improves this aspect.

The other aspect to take into account is the height of the handle, is it adapted to your morphology? A high handle will make handling the trolley cart more complex, a low handle will make you bend over and give you a backache. So taking a handle at its height or adjustable height is important to your shopping trolley.

Where to store the shopping trolley ?

A question that is not asked enough when choosing a shopping cart, is it cumbersome? Where can I store it? Indeed, the storage of the trolley cart can be important for small spaces. The fact that the shopping trolley is foldable and more storable is not a negligible thing. A folding shopping cart could be stored in a closet, garage, cabinet or a car trunk. This feature is essential for travel by car or others vehicles.

Shopping trolley equipments and accessories

Shopping trolley equipment is something you should not overlook when choosing your shopping cart, it can be an improvement in your usage. It all depends on how you use your shopping bag, handy extra pockets can add storage space to your main trolley bag. The shopping trolley can also have the option of adding straps to attach larger or heavier products to the outside of your shopping bag. A lot of tools such as anti-theft devices exist depending on your daily use.

For handling in cities with hills and slopes, the brake is an interesting option for your shopping cart. Indeed, the control of a full shopping trolley can be difficult without a brake, especially for elderly people. In the same vein, the addition of a folding seat seems appropriate for taking a break or waiting for the bus; this option is generally very popular.

Trolley bag design

Although people do not consider the design of the shopping trolley in the first place, it remains an important factor for the user’s pleasure. Indeed, some people want to be noticed for their shopping trolley design, while others do not. When you meet your friends at the market you always want to look good, so a pleasant trolley will be a plus for you and for the people you meet.

The designs can therefore be multiple: a plain pattern if you want an all-purpose model, more colourful or sophisticated models also exist. It will therefore be up to you to choose the different shopping bag designs that you like or that match your personality.

Shopping trolley maintenance

When you buy a shopping trolley, you don’t usually think about the maintenance of it, but maintenance can be more important than expected. Indeed, the shopping cart will be exposed to the external environment on the external side and to the products, often food products, on the internal side of the shopping bag. therefore, being able to unhook from its structure and wash your trolley bag is an important thing.

The fact that the bag canvas is resistant and does not get damaged in the wash is a considerable advantage; because nobody is safe from a stain on the outside or inside of your shopping trolley. Of course in some cases cleaning products or vinegar applied directly will do the job.

The price of a shopping trolley

The price of a shopping cart is an indication to be taken into account, it must be adapted to your use and your need. Shopping trolley prices range from a few dozen pounds to several hundred if the quality and equipment are at their best.

When we set out to buy a trolley bag, we already have a predefined idea of how much we are going to put into it. That’s why the cheap trolleys may seem more attractive, however my advice would be to see this purchase as an investment; which even if it may seem expensive at first sight, but will prove to be more useful and durable over time, if it is suitable for your use.

For a range of 35£ to 70£ you will get a standard trolley cart with accessories like extra wheels. If you are looking for a durable, high quality shopping trolley, you will have to pay at least 105£ for full satisfaction.

The benefits of buying a shopping trolley

In your life, you have often seen people with shopping trolleys, yet a lot of unanswered questions come to mind: you don’t know if it is really useful, you don’t want to look stupid… These unconscious questions are often unfounded, it’s why we have listed for you the many advantages of shopping carts.

  • The independence: No more needs to pay for a cart in supermarkets, no more plastic crates. This trolley bag will follow you everywhere without having to answer to any shop.
  • The storage: Your groceries will be put away very quickly and perfectly because the shopping cart is made for that.
  • The comfort: Shopping trolley will carry the products for you and save you energy and freedom of movement. There will be no more heavy things to carry.
  • The ecology: This is an important aspect, especially on a large scale to say goodbye to plastic bags.
  • The volume: Having a large trolley bag is practical, you will no longer wonder if you have enough space.
  • The functionality: Older people like these types of trolleys, because they understand that they can take all types of items from all types of shops with the shopping trolleys.

As you can see, there is no shortage of advantages to using a shopping cart.

Where to get your shopping trolley ?

Many supermarkets and department stores sell shopping trolleys, and some small shops also offer them.

However, these offer mostly standard mid-range models, so if you want more options, I advise you to look for offers on the internet. For example, on sites like Amazon the choice of shopping cart is huge, that’s where you will find the most profitable offers.

But also the worst scams, that’s why you have to be well informed thanks to the different reviews. But don’t panic, sites like will help you choose the best model of trolley bag.

What brands of shopping trolleys are known for ?

For many years now, brands of trolley bags manufacturers have become references in the sector. These brands currently offer a wide range of products and ensure a certain quality, especially in terms of practicality and durability. Below we present four good brands for your shopping trolley.


This Spanish brand has been in existence for over 20 years, and is fully specialised in the manufacture of shopping trolleys. Although the designs are basic, the brand is internationally renowned for its solid design and affordable prices, a sure thing.


This English brand is the reference in shopping cart. With more than 40 years of existence and a high-quality standard. The brand offers numerous ranges with many features such as trolley brakes, folding seat. This makes it the ideal brand for seniors.


In 60 years, this German family business has become one of the most renowned brands in the trolley bag sector. Their latest models are robust and environmentally friendly.


This family business has been in existence for several decades and offers one of the best price/quality shopping trolleys on the market. With its affordable prices, this brand stands out for its designs, accessories and functionality. Interesting brand for the smaller budget.